Dedicated Personal Injury Attorneys

Receive full representation for personal injury cases from Weidner, Wegmann & Harper, LLC, in Beaufort, South Carolina. We offer our services to anyone who has been injured in a car wreck, on the job accident, due to medical treatment, or from some other accident. Our personal injury attorneys will assist you in processing your medical bills, property damage, and other injury-related concerns.

Injury - Personal Injury Attorneys

Continuous Attention

We will follow your medical care and continue to review your case as it progresses. Our attorneys will represent you in the inevitable interactions with insurance companies and their lawyers. Whether the case can be resolved through negotiation or must be resolved in a courtroom, we pride ourselves on our ability to obtain the best possible results for our clients.

Representation from Mr. Weidner

Mr. Weidner is the firm's primary litigator in the areas of personal injury, family, criminal, and military law. His competitive nature reveals itself not only within the courtroom, but also as a martial artist, rower, cyclist, shooter, and any endeavor that can be turned into a competitive venture. If you would like a former Marine with a proven competitive streak to represent your interests and rights, call us today.

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